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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

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We are thrilled when our clients succeed!


"The biggest problem my salespeople face is this - We have a product that makes sense to most people, we're unique in our industry, we're best in class but our salespeople continue to sell on an intellectual level. People buy emotionally. Sandler gives them the ability to sell on an emotional level and make a lot more money along the way."

Interscape Commercial Environment, American Senior Benefits, Henrick Home Construction, Integrated Physicians, Billings Forge Community Works, Mariner, Diba Industries, Mariner Financial Group, LLC, Lionbridge, Dana Bartone & Company, Bethel IT Services, Haas Insurance, Will Power Marketing, ENCON Commercial Services, Equinix, American Energy Management, Inc., Landmark Real Estate, LLC, ReMax, Equinix, Pat Munger Construction, Wades’s Dairy, West Conn Tool, ACBI Insurance, Berchem & Moses Law, Antinozzi Associates

"We believe the investment of ongoing training and growth opportunities support, develop, and lead to long-term success for our team. Thank you Bob Carbonella for working with our team and sharing valuable leadership skills."

- The Associated Construction Company



“Sandler training provided me with special behaviors and the confidence I needed to bring my business to a whole new stratosphere. I have used the material for over fifteen years, and it undeniably gives me an edge over my competition.”

-Dave Stambone , VP/Mortgage Banker Total Mortgage, Ridgefield, CT

This is what a client had to say about Sandler’s Patient Care Program:

“I am enjoying the training. I have been trying to incorporate more and more into my personal life. It's been very helpful in my work environment, especially with my transfer to a new office and new team.”

Wendy, Clinical Office Manager, Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists

"I am exposing my team to a world of techniques and ideas through Sandler's experiences and reflective techniques. Sandler offers me as a senior leader the opportunity to broaden my mentoring capabilities and works to ensure my alignment with the process. In the end my team is much more rounded and ready for different opportunities."

Christopher J. Luise Executive Vice President ADNET Technologies, LLC


Michelle Reynaud, Vice President Global Sales Systems and Policies at Symantec discusses their sales pipeline successes from qualified to close and how they've achieved their company's financial goals.

"Donna Bak has been a pleasure to work with and has truly become a trusted advisor to Encon. She has the ability to adapt to various personality styles and make connections with everyone that she works with. Donna has helped many of our employees improve their communication skills, become better leaders, and achieve higher sales. I am very pleased with the results."

Bill Valus Principal/Managing Director

"I've had the sincere pleasure of working with Donna Bak and her partner Ed Schultek of Sandler Training for almost a year now. I'm attending their Leadership Training for Business Owners and Senior Executives program. During monthly meetings I learn best practices and discuss leadership concepts with executives from other organizations and industries. At monthly one-on-one sessions with Donna I focus on personal development, reinforcing what's learned in class and addressing issues pertaining to personal goals. The educational content is rich, the mentoring approach is personable and respectful, and the new knowledge and skills that I'm gaining are helping me to better achieve results for my company. My only regret is that I didn't know about Sandler earlier in my career!"

Sabrina Beck Vice President, Altek Electronics


Sam Sked, Global Director of Sales, Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company, discusses how leveraging Sandler took his company's existing tools, techniques and processes to the next level. 

"The biggest problem my salespeople face is this -We have a product that makes sense to most people, we're unique in the insurance industry, we're best in class according to everyone, but our salespeople continue to sell on an intellectual level. People buy emotionally. Sandler gives them the ability to sell on an emotional level and make a lot more money along the way."

Alex Horton Regional Sales Coordinator, Aflac

"We have experienced just how empowering it is for members of our sales team who have committed to and embraced the training they have received."

David Trachten

President Viking Kitchen Cabinets, LLC

"I have worked with Ed in three Companies. In each case we wanted to develop the professional skills of our customer-facing staff, whether they were sales managers, clinical support professionals or customer support representatives. Ed took the time to assess our requirements and then provided us with tailored professional development courses, delivered to groups or individuals as appropriate. He was very quickly accepted and won the respect and engagement of his students and became a valuable resource for senior leadership in each company. Ed shares his experience and educates in a highly engaging manner. He is part of our team and important to our progress."

Ian Stevens, CEO


Tracie Reed, VP of Business Development for Drillform Technical Services discusses the benefits of internal and external communication with employees and customers by incorporating the Sandler selling system.

"Our Goal has been to double our business in five do this we had to move to a more consultative selling approach with our customers and distributors...we needed a consistent way to deliver our message to whomever we were talking to...and we needed to place a greater focus on responding to our customers' PAIN and not align ourselves towards only what we are selling. I like where our Sales Team is going with Sandler...we're getting better and I want our sales team to be the point of difference for Amesbury out there."

Jonathan Petromelis President & CEO, Amesbury

"Patients know they have choices, and they are demanding a better 'people experience' from healthcare providers. How do we meet that challenge? Donna Bak and the Sandler team have the answer: We must elevate the 'people experience' for both patients and internal staff. By following her plan for doing so, we can better position ourselves to withstand the many pressures that arise in today's medical field."

-- Glenn Elia, CEO of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists

"Knowing what I know now, my only regret is that I didn't receive client development training in the early years of my accounting career. I could have progressed to where I am now a lot faster and I would be a better person for having done so."

Alex S. Dziama, CPA, CVA Nicola, Yester & Company, P.C.

"As a technical consultant, my concerns were always with things, not people. Sandler taught me to really listen, which has improved the quality of my work and the demand for my services."

John Glaberson, President Designs Work Group, Inc. Newtown, CT

"I received immediate results working with the Sandler Selling System. In ten months, I went from 70% of quota, and worried about the future, to 185% of quota and having fun."

Joseph P. Hartz, Senior Account Executive WS Packaging Group, Inc. Thomaston, CT

"Our close ratios are higher than they would have been without Sandler's services. They taught us how important it is to fill the role of a trusted adviser to clients and not just be a vendor."

Shayne Newman, Principal/Owner New Milford, CT

"Ed is very knowledgeable and knows how to tailor his program to your specific business to get results. He is wonderful to work with."

Karen Powell Founder and CEO, Decor & You

Why Sandler?

I typically do not try to push companies on others, but...for the past 8 months I have enrolled myself in the Sandler Training “Sales Mastery” program. Find out why the Sandler program has become apart of the Harvard Curriculum! It has changed my world in how I approach my clients and prospective clients. What I have gained from it has been tremendous! Sandler is a Global Sales and Management Training Firm…about (50) years old…private…viewed as the leader in the industry…works across all business verticals.

Their clients typically come to them for a few reasons. Sometimes they are…

  • FRUSTRATED that the top line isn’t growing like it use to…have tried to fix it but nothing’s working…have to fix it or it will turn into a P&L problem
  • Others are CONCERNED that there is no consistent way the Team is out there selling and representing the Brand…the Sales Team is doing their best but the message is very inconsistent…there’s not even a consistent way of prospecting for new business…it’s impacting the company’s ability to add new customers to the mix and growing larger…they’re losing ground

And, still others are UPSET they are not growing their managers on the Team…no one has really been trained to manage others…they just got elevated to that position over time, and they’ve stopped growing their potential…no “farm team” of talent for future management being developed putting the company in a dangerous position…have to do something about it but not sure what.

…Not sure any of these issues are things your Company is struggling with, but I personally highly recommend inquiring if they could impact your sales skills. Invest in yourself, you will never regret it!

Brian D. Horton

Executive Vice President Development, Associated Construction Company | Independent Recording Artist

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