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Is Your Business at Risk?

What stands between your company and organizational excellence?

All businesses, including yours, can be classified into four categories:

  • “Well-Run.”

    These businesses are well managed by leaders, respected in their industry, and likely in the top 25% of businesses measured in terms of professional leadership. However, these businesses are still vulnerable. Why? They have not yet created a leadership culture in which organizational excellence is second nature—regardless of personnel changes.



  • “Excellent.”

    Here, professional leadership is a way of life because there is a disciplined process that propels the business into the upper 5% of organizations.

  • “Average.”

    These businesses are doing well enough to reasonably satisfy the leaders but are vulnerable to regressing back to at-risk.

  • “At-Risk.”

    Leaders in this group have lost control of the business and possibly their personal lives, too.

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"Donna Bak has been a pleasure to work with and has truly become a trusted advisor to Encon. She has the ability to adapt to various personality styles and make connections with everyone that she works with. Donna has helped many of our employees improve their communication skills, become better leaders, and achieve higher sales. I am very pleased with the results."

Bill Valus Principal/Managing Director