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Don’t Spill Your Candy in the Lobby, Sandler Rule #2

Going on a sales call can be a good opportunity for you and your business and so it’s only natural that people make this mistake working with a potential client; they get so anxious to sell, sell, sell that they spill their candy in the lobby. The problem is that once you give away all your candy…why should the client feel the need to come back for another conversation? They already have what they want!

In the initial phase of the sales call it is important not to throw out a full presentation or give away all the benefits and information that your company has to offer. Instead, keep them coming back by focusing on these three basics:

  1. Get the prospect to talk by asking questions. Find out about their situation and uncover their issues, and take notes while you’re at it!
  2. Save your knowledge and expertise - leave that candy in the box. Don’t be tempted into giving away all your tips and tricks of the trade just yet.
  3. Share your candy when it’s appropriate. The time will come later on down the line in the development cycle when you have the opportunity to make your presentation and give, give, give, but now the focus is on the client and their needs and concerns.

It might seem like you’re being helpful by telling them right away about the ways in which you know you can help them later on down the line. In reality, you can best help the prospect by asking questions, learning about their situation and needs, and letting them talk as much as possible. You’ll both fare better in the long run – you will gain incredible insight into the prospect and the prospect will end up getting better service.

If you think you might be giving away a little bit too much of your candy and not getting anything in return, contact us today so that we can get on the road to keeping that box of candy shut and raising those sales!


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