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Owners and managers recognize that a primary part of their job is to keep their employees productive.

But is keeping them happy part of the job? Shouldn’t they just be thankful they have a job?

Certainly, employees should be thankful for their job, but happiness is an important dimension of the work experience and a very important one if you want them to be productive.

There are plenty of studies to support that people often leave their jobs because they were unhappy with one or more aspects of it. There are four main reasons for job dissatisfaction.

  1. Incomes. When incomes had plateaued or compensation was not perceived as being proportionate to contribution, dissatisfaction was high.
  2. The nature of the work in which they were engaged. Doing routine work and not feeling challenged, and thereby not feeling stimulated or motivated, was a common complaint. Feeling that their careers had stalled and their professional growth hindered was also common.
  3. The people with whom they worked. Issues revolved around elements such as camaraderie, teamwork, respect, and communication. Ignoring these can have irreparable harm to the entire organization.
  4. Their work environment. This includes the physical environment, the company culture, the degree of supervision, and the degree to which they receive recognition for their work.

Of these four reasons for job dissatisfaction, money was the least important reason for leaving. The ability to do interesting and challenging work, and to be recognized for it, played a more important part in the decision.

Encouraging support within the team, acknowledging what they do and creating a comfortable environment will help you retain employees. As will keeping them informed about the activities in which they play a part, providing clear, concise and frequent feedback.

There are many fun and effective team building and communication exercises that can be worked into your next company meeting. Let us know if we can provide you with some of those resources.

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