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Donna Bak

Pre-call planning seems like a no-brainer, but many salespeople don't put in the effort to actually follow through with it.

Doctors: When it comes to your practice, would you rather sing a solo or join the choir? Different models offer greater or lesser autonomy and financial benefits, and generally, more autonomy means less financial reward, and vice versa. It’s important to consider all possible scenarios before making a decision.

Match and mirror the way your customer communicates and the customer will think you are speaking their language. Be prepared with the necessary tools to speak to all three NLP types.

What did you get done yesterday? So far today? You are always busy right, but are your days productive?

Top performing companies know that they don’t have to compete on price because they have a secret weapon that their competitors don’t have.

In the 4th quarter, depending on your clientele, many have been given a budget to work with for the year, and the natural tendency of a good number of those with money to spend is to not spend it all too soon.

Docs: Is your Practice Culture Working?

True leadership comes from the top down, but it is often the management team that will lead the troops into battle every day. Those teams enforce the culture that the managing partners put forth.

People want to be heard at their jobs, they want to have a voice, to give their input. Creating an atmosphere in which your people feel comfortable speaking up, and also feel like they’re heard is a crucial element in building an open and positive business culture.

So much time and money is spent identifying new prospects and closing deals that the current client base often gets ignored. Keeping your clients happy is foundational to the success of any business and the least cost option of sustaining revenue.

Improve patient care and HCAHPS by Your Improving Talent Selection Strategy.  This is your "cheat sheet" of the most important metrics that will help you improve your talent selection when hiring healthcare employees.