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Selling to enterprise accounts presents some unique challenges and selling to large corporations differs from the less complex world of selling to small and med-sized companies. The Sandler Enterprise Selling program takes everything that has made Sandler so effective over the last 50 years and enhances it to address the needs of organizations selling to and serving large, complex enterprise accounts.  

Most managers wait until the end of the year to reflect on their sales team’s accomplishments (as well as the roadblocks, speed bumps, and detours encountered), analyze their findings, and identify areas for improvement in the coming year.

That’s a good strategy. But, why wait until the end of the year. Following are five things YOU can do at any time—right now, for instance—to help your salespeople and ensure their success.

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve finally obtained the appointment. You’re looking forward to meeting with the prospect and asking questions you carefully prepared in order to qualify the opportunity. You arrive at the appointment on time (or start the video conference on time) . . . but before you can ask your first question, the prospect says, “OK, take it from the top. Show me what you’ve got.”

And the meeting goes downhill from there.

You can’t win them all—especially when prospecting. Not everyone you call on will need or want your product or service. Some will need it, but not now. Others won’t know they need it. So, you are likely to have more unsuccessful calls—ending with turn-downs and put-offs—than successful ones. But, you can learn something from the unsuccessful calls that will contribute to a win down the road.

How a smart targeted combination of standard email messaging and LinkedIn networking can serve as a platform for generating new business and increasing revenue.

As one 90-day period ends, the next begins, how many of you are celebrating your successes for the first quarter? Reflect back to the goals you set at the first of the year. Did you achieve or exceed them? If you fell off track, it’s okay. There is still time to hit the reset button.

There is an important person that can impede your success. It’s YOU! Your self-limiting beliefs and negative talk tracks hold you back. These conversations that you allow in your head keep you from reaching your potential.  Is it time to "Unfriend" that negative self?

As Sales Professionals, we can't think of many prospecting options that we enjoy more than a busy Trade Show floor. Why? Where else can you get so much practice? Where else can you interact with multiple prospective clients each hour? Where else do you have people approaching YOU about your products or services?

On the other hand, you must be really effective at engaging people in conversation, and in the RIGHT conversation, to assure your Trade Show success.

Customer service is an interesting aspect of any business. Whether you call it inside sales or customer care, your frontline employee may have the most difficult job in the company. Do you find that your most difficult customers and situations are handled by your least trained and lowest paid employees first? Have you ever cringed when listening to one of your frontline people on the phone? Do you find your staff to be too strict with the policies or too loose?

Do you find that you or your sales team relies on RFPs to fill the pipeline? Let’s face it, preparing RFPs use a lot of your valuable resources and have hidden costs which affect your bottom line. Here are some recommendations when you do send a proposal requests.