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Are you leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your health care practice to grow your practice?

Health care providers, as a rule, don’t like to sell….they aren’t comfortable promoting themself or their practice…it’s not something they were taught in school, and it’s typically not something they like to do…and yet, they know they have to get better at it if they want to compete in the current market.

We find that medical professionals are viewed as Trusted Advisors in their field, and possess deep knowledge not easily catalogued by Google and yet highly sought after by the surfing public.

Medical searches on Google and Bing are hugely popular. So much so, in fact, that Google can now predict flu occurrence and location based on the volume and type of searches taking place in a distinct geographic area. You can use those same free tools at Google Trends to figure out what medical conditions are most on the minds of people at any given time. Diabetes and related searches, for example, show above average results in the Hartford and New Haven area versus New York City or the country as a whole.

Influenza and the common cold will be perennial favorites, of course, but drill down and you’ll find many topics of interest, some which will no doubt fit within your area of expertise.

Here’s a suggestion. Once you’ve identified content areas with the best potential, get your voice out there through your own website and blog as well as social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Another way to get your name out in front of potential clients is through traditional media. Journalists are ALWAYS looking for objective experts who will help them provide perspective on stories, especially when writing about complicated subjects like health and medicine. If you position yourself as a reliable go-to source for objective medical information, your media requests will compound, which translates into more visibility and ultimately more business for the practice.

Health Care providers now have to understand marketing and sales in order to compete. From receptionists to MD’s – being able to articulate who you are, why you are different and why someone should use your practice will be a key factor in your success

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Donna Bak

Partner & Certified Trainer

Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance

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