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Self Development

What did you get done yesterday? So far today? You are always busy right, but are your days productive?

So what does a professional golfer-someone who gets paid to play the game every day-really get from coaches and practice sessions? Success.

Healthcare providers are the first to recognize how important having a high and healthy self-worth is to successful, peer-to-peer interactions with patients and colleagues. Many of you have told me that you often have to perform your own first aid when it comes to maintaining a strong personal sense of self-worth during a busy day.

When I was in my late teens I had a friend that had skydived and immediately got addicted. He went back many times on his path to get a certification and I as well as numerous friends would join him. I never jumped though. I’d say all the excuses everyone else does but I think bottom line - I was scared of the unknown.

Even in business, our fears hold us back.  Find out what I learned at 13,500 feet.

There is an important person that can impede your success. It’s YOU! Your self-limiting beliefs and negative talk tracks hold you back. These conversations that you allow in your head keep you from reaching your potential.  Is it time to "Unfriend" that negative self?

What does it take to be a successful salesperson?

Words account for 7% of the conversation...the remaining 93% is our body language and tone. Consider this. For every 60 seconds that you talk, your prospect hears 4 seconds worth of your...

This month, I have some opinions to share with you, and I have some research to tell you about. What do you want to hear first?

Networking is a good thing…most of the time

Did You Know That Knowledge Really Is POWER?