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How many times have you made a hiring mistake?

Let's face it, if we hire any level or any quantity of people we are going to make mistakes. Things aren’t going to go the way we planned.

Now, there are all kinds of things that people can do to prevent or at least minimize the chances at making a hiring mistake.

A recent survey from Michigan State University showed that when managers were using traditional hiring techniques they were only hiring the right people 14% percent of the time. That's 14 percent! You could go to the blackjack table and win 40% of the time.

If we think about it from a hiring perspective, wouldn’t we want to have every edge imaginable, short of having a crystal ball? Interviewees have become very savvy at telling us what we want to hear during interviews.

One of the tools and resources that we have available to us are assessment tests or assessment inventories. These are wonderful online tools that will provide you information about how a candidate is thinking. The assessments allow you to discover what the candidate’s ambition and drive is. For example, are they motivated by money or are they motivated by the need for approval of other people?  Or maybe it is something else.

Fundamentally we can begin to identify almost fifty different characteristics and determine whether or not the person that you're interviewing is, in fact going to be successful in the role that you have.

A small, inexpensive investment will ensure that you have hired the right person for the right position.


There is plenty of advice for candidates seeking new jobs but not a lot for the person interviewing them.  Download the free hiring guide to discover the 7 critical questions you should ask yourself when hiring entry level positions.



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