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Does your medical practice need a salesperson?

That depends on your business plan.

Are you in growth mode? Do you want to expand your client base?

Are you competing against groups your size or larger?

Do you have a hospital that is offering your same services – so you are vying for the same patients?

Are you not getting the referrals from patients or primary care physicians that you feel you should?

Then the answer is yes. In the medical field, these salespeople are often called Community Relations Liaison or Physicians Liaisons.

These key people in your practice will serve 2 very important purposes: Marketing your practice to the general public and more importantly marketing your practice to referring physicians. They will become your feet on the streets, your eyes in the community.

Where to start:

  1. Look from within – find an employee who not only knows your business but embraces your culture.   He/she might be the perfect person for this role
  2. Plan on getting this new hire some sales training – you wouldn’t let a nurse see a patient without some practical training, would you? Sales is no different
  3. Have a strategic plan: Know your demographic, your current referring physicians but more importantly, know where you want to be in the next 10 years. Be Proactive, not Reactive
  4. Give your new salesperson the tools he/she needs: Marketing materials and a budget

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