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Why is it that every function in an organization has a common process but the one that generates the revenue? If you want to change the kind of year you are going to have in 2018, give the sales team an effective common process.

Watch the video -- do you need to define or refine your sales process going into the new year?

Do You Get Frustrated By:

  • Revenue projections that are frequently missed?
  • Having to manage people who are not measuring up to company expectations?
  • Worrying about dwindling market share and increased competition?

Here is a simple test you can conduct.  Bring your people together into a room.  Pass out sheets of paper and pens.  Ask your salespeople to write down the process they follow -- from the time prospecting begins to the time the customer is buying additional products and services.  Collect the sheets and compare the answers.  Odds are, unless they've all been carefully trained, they will not have a similar approach.  


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