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Sandler Rule #6 Don’t Buy Back Tomorrow What You Sold Today

Having second thoughts about a big business decision is just second nature. It will happen to you one day if it hasn’t already and if it has happened, well, it’s likely to happen again. Selling to a client that backs out later occurs to everyone at one point or another. There’s no way to prevent that kind of situation…right?

 Wrong! You and I both know that sometimes buyer remorse happens. At Sandler we say,” Why not address your client’s hesitation before they change their mind?” Traditional salespeople will often run to the finish line with the check from their client only to be stopped at the door. Prevent that by talking to your client about their hesitation right away.

You can counsel your client through making a tough decision and strengthened your professional bond for the future rather than create unnecessary tension and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be awkward at all; try saying something like, “I understand you’re concerned about _____, but I assure you that this is what your company needs.”Affirm with them that your company has what they need. Additionally, address any specific concerns or questions they may have rather than ignoring them and trying to sweep them under the rug. They’ll only crop up later and that can cause issues down the line.

Once you’ve gone through the hard work of selling something, go through the steps to make sure that you DON’T end up buying it back tomorrow!

We’ll help you with any challenges you may be facing in this area and so much more. Contact me today and I guarantee you won’t have a second of buyer’s remorse!

Donna Bak

Partner & Certified Trainer

Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance

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