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There’s too much to read – there’s too much to watch—there’s too much information to process….and, at the end of the day, there’s just not enough humor. In my warped sense of trying to fit it all in, I turn to Saturday Night Live (SNL) to give me a weekly summary of what’s new, who’s doing what, what are the hot bands, who are the hot stars, who belongs on the wall-of-shame—all delivered to me with a healthy dose of humor.

SNL is certainly opinionated. Phil Myers warns us in his book, "Tuned In", that Your opinion, while interesting, is irrelevant. A fair statement.

This month, I have some opinions to share with you, and I have some research to tell you about. What do you want to hear first? I’ll start with the research because if you’re like most people, opinions are sometimes irrelevant…there Diploma Ribbonare lots of them out there…and they’re not always funny. 

Here's the question: What are the best-of-class companies doing differently? Or, as Jim Collins put it in his book, “Good to Great”, how does a company move from being good to being great. A burning question that's on the minds of many business owners during these challenging economic times.

Aberdeen Findings


An independent research firm, Aberdeen Group, looked at 3 key performance criteria and then rated companies against these metrics. Here’s what they found for best-of-class companies:

77% of sales reps on avg achieve quota
7% increase on avg in deal size or contract value
15% avg revenue growth

Two of the three criteria are directly driven by people.



And now an opinion. Build a business on raising the sales capability of the people and the sales will come more often and more lucratively.

Aberdeen Best in Class

Aberdeen’s research went on to find that best-in-class companies are increasing or plan to increase their training budgets. And they’re spending their training budgets on assessing their people (what’s working & what’s not), as well as implementing customized coaching & instructor-led training.


Donna Bak
Partner & Certified Trainer

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