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Because Fear will cost you a heck of a lot more than Failure

We chatted about the Power of Failure before – it’s Sandler’s Rule #1 – “You have to learn to Fail to Win”. Instead of focusing on the Failure part – let’s spend a few minutes and chat about the Fear part.

What does avoiding risk really cost you?



  1. “Head Trash” – Sandler’s term for all that stuff in your head that’s holding you back, aka your fears - destroys inspiration. Without inspiration, there is no vision, without vision there is NO moving forward. Think about this: Regardless of how BIG the failure – it will not be nearly as costly as never trying. EVER
  2. Procrastination is expensive - So you put off booking that flight to Boca – try doing it the day before. Sticker Shock! Now think about business: You delayed hiring the bookkeeper you know you need – sure it’s an added expense, sure he/she may not work out – but in the meantime the invoicing is piling up on your desk. Putting off until tomorrow what should be done today is never wise.
  3. You missed the proverbial boat – Risk takers rarely miss opportunities – they understand #1 and #2. Did you ever see a new invention, perhaps on an infomercial at 2 a.m. for something that you thought of 5 years ago? Perhaps someone in your department got the promotion that you know you were PERFECT for – but you didn’t ask for the meeting with the CEO.   The less qualified person, the one who ASKED for the promotion got it.

Is your head trash holding you back? Are you tired of being the “Best of the worst or the worst of the best?" Is your company not moving forward because you are afraid to take the chances you know you should?

At Sandler, we help people in our No Guts No Gain Program with Head Trash – we get rid of the trash so you can have the confidence to take those risks you know you need to take!

Donna Bak

Senior Partner & Certified Trainer
Sandler Training / PEAK

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