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Tis the season…for hiring (or not) those newly minted grads

Here they come…fresh out of college, with shiny, polished resumes that for all their impressive activities, don’t really have much real-world experience when you scratch the surface. Should you hire them? Is it worth the risk?

Yes, yes, and yes! The potential rewards are very high…but only when you have the right management tools in place. Here’s what you need to focus on and why it matters.

Proud of their academic accomplishment and ready for new challenges, new grads are eager, energetic, and ready to do the heavy lifting. They are digital natives, savvy at finding efficiencies, and can be a robust source of new perspectives.

Yes, the stereotype of the overly sheltered millennial is not entirely untrue. They are often less worried about ruffling feathers than not being able to speak their mind, and their expectations are not always in alignment with the realities of the workplace.

But good management technique is the proper panacea. Coaching doesn’t come naturally to everyone and is not easily taught. That’s where Sandler techniques can really make a difference for your organization. At Sandler Training / PEAK, we teach managers (of all ages!) best coaching and mentoring practices that help new employees (of all ages!) succeed.

In order to feel valued, your new grads need to feel integrated. That means having an actual place at the table at meetings, their own projects to work on, and the ability to provide feedback to you as part of the coaching process. Professional development opportunities outside of your organization will help them build skills and move up your ladder, which is crucial for retention. Feeling like they have little or no opportunity for growth and advancement is a recipe for turnover. Younger workers are significantly more mobile than their older, more settled counterparts. They are unafraid to jump a ship heading to nowhere.

Like most everything in life, moderation is key. You need experienced players to help guide the young ones along. Be careful not to overweight your team in any one direction. But don’t fear the young grads. We all started somewhere; we all dove in without knowing the ropes. With the right tools in place, you can confidently bring those new grads on board and keep them happy and productive. Does your team need help developing its coaching muscle? Give me a call.


Donna Bak

Partner & Certified Trainer

Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance

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