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How to Compete in a Man’s World - and Win!


Some industries are male dominated - think banking, insurance, technology and manufacturing. In the “old days”, as we often hear, women had supporting roles in these types of businesses but never management or leadership positions. So how have certain women achieved success in the “old boys club” businesses?

 1. Confidence sells, it also is the #1 trait of all leaders. They not only believe in their mission or vision - they believe in themselves.

 2. Determination will get you farther than skill. Most people give up when the getting gets tough - those that succeed see the mountains that block the path of most as simple bumps in the road. They walk on by and don’t look back.

 3. Focus. Women that have c-suite level positions are completely focused on the game. Not that mishaps don’t occur or distractions don’t get in the way - but they bounce back quickly and re-focus immediately. Eye on the prize!

 4. Power of Failure. Women that have won against all odds have a bit of scar tissue - they know the feeling of failure and aren’t afraid of failing again. They are risk takers - and it goes back to #1, #2 & #3.

 5. They aren’t easily intimidated - by men or women. Because they are confident, determined, focused and aren’t afraid of failure. The combination is a recipe for success.

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