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How to keep the mojo moving in your company

I just finished reading this article in Selling Power Magazine, “A Lasting Rush – how to make sure motivation sticks long after the meeting is over.” It really hit home with me. I’ve been in the selling game a long time – I’ve seen teams and companies go from being #1 one year to less than stellar the next.

Perhaps this phenomenon has even happened in your personal life. Did you once run a marathon or aspire to do so and now your running shoes are lost in the back of your closet? Something shifts – the motivation was lost – the mojo gone. But is it gone forever?

Kim Wright Wiley notes in the SP article “Adrenaline-based enthusiasm isn’t sustainable. It’s a fast rush, so you’re always looking to find another shot of adrenaline.”   Think about it – training for a marathon is mentally taxing – so is always trying to be the BEST, Numero Uno – it takes a lot of hard work and in the end it drains you.

So what’s the answer? Moderation. Like anything in life, too much of a good thing, isn’t so good in the end.

Let’s take a look at how to keep the mojo steady in your company – be it sales, client retention or employee happiness.

Wiley has these suggestions:

  1. Get rid of the energy drains. Energy and enthusiasm are connected, according to Wiley. It’s impossible to be enthusiastic if there are things draining your psyche – anything from problems at home, to issues at the office or even a customer. Help your team identify the energy drains and develop a plan to address them and fix the loose buttons or the burnt out bulbs. Little changes can make a huge difference.
  2. Maintain Gratitude. When you are in a slump turn down the pity parties. Pessimism becomes a cancer and it’s infectious. It’s essential to help your team focus on the good, not the bad. The only way to get out of a sales slump is to sell something – same goes for any type of company downturn. You can’t make a change if you are dwelling on the negative.
  3. Schedule smaller more frequent meetings. If you want something sustainable – be front of mind with your team for shorter consistent bursts of time. Let them know you are invested. Smaller meetings also allow management to be more specific – this is what we have to do Today or this week versus an annual meeting. Laser Focus is what we are looking for here!
  4. Show “Love in Action” Great leaders have great stories – they have scar tissue. Been there, done that. It’s how you say it according to Wiley that makes the difference. “You don’t share those stories in order to teach a lesson or make yourself a hero. just tell the story and let your listeners draw on their own conclusions. …your team should know, deeply know, that you care about them as individuals and care about their success. That’s love in action.”

The article ends with a great quote, “Caring about other people is the only enthusiasm that lasts.” As I said, this article really resonated with me. Take a step back and look at your team – if you can’t seem to keep them on an even keel, perhaps it’s time for some Organizational Development help. Ready to get started? I’m a phone call away

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