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I want to think about it….OUCH!

How many times have you sent out a proposal only to hear “I want to think about it.”

Not a fun scenario nor is it productive. Good news! There is a way to avoid this classic objection.

First, you need to understand WHY the prospect is reacting the way he/she is. Chances are he/she doesn’t like confrontation and has decided not to buy from you. For whatever reason, your first impression didn’t impress. My guess is that you didn’t uncover the real pain but made an assumption and quickly moved to solve “the problem” as you saw it.

For example, you give the proposal to the CEO of ABC Manufacturing firm for 1000 widgets that will be used to manufacture the ABC Super Product. Mrs. CEO says: “Thank you, I’ll look it over and get back to you.”

(You cringe!! You want the sale now and you fear history is repeating itself AND not in a good way.)

People buy for their OWN reasons and they’re NOT yours. People buy emotionally and justify it intellectually. If you don’t know what those reasons are you get into the old rut of “buyers are liars.” Did you dig deep enough to discover why they are buying? You may be surprised at what the motivators are and they aren’t always as obvious as you think. The reason buyers come to you is only the surface problem, the real reason is far deeper. We often try to close long before we should…not asking enough questions and solving the initial or surface problem too quickly.

Do you or your sales team struggle with asking the right questions? Are you tired of dealing with “Think It Overs”?

Perhaps a 10 minute conversation will help you determine if Sandler Training is a fit….

Susan Powers

Partner & Certified Trainer

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