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If you want to close more sales, stop selling to everyone.

 Yes, stop selling to everyone! It’s all about working smarter, not harder and being hyper-focused.

 Here’s my top 5 Insider Sales Tips that will have you closing more deals by selling to less people:



1. Have a strong personal brand. This includes having a great LinkedIn profile, a strong 30-second commercial and a dynamic social presence.


2. Create your “Inner Circle”. Surround yourself with some key centers of influence who understand your personal brand, know you as a Trusted Advisor and will refer business to you.


3. Sales is a Process - so have one! There’s no getting around this one. Use a CRM, a spreadsheet or something to track your activity. Use it, religiously. Enough said.


4. Know your target client. Don’t waste time prospecting for or networking with people that don’t fit your ideal client profile. Just say no.

5. NetWORK not play. Don’t be a serial socializing networker. Be mindful of your time. Time is money - your money, use it wisely…(and see # 4 above)!


Top salespeople are disciplined. They know what they want and they have a specific path to get them there. No one said it was easy, but embrace these 5 tips and you will be on your way to number one sooner than you think!

Susan Powers

Partner & Certified Trainer

Learn more about Sue at

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