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Is this one thing holding back your construction business?

Try to step outside of your construction business and now look back in as an outsider.  What do you see?   In my experience, owners see a team of talented employees working hard in the office and in the field – they know their business inside and out. What they often don’t see is a solid sales process. Where are the leads coming from? What’s a good prospect? Are we getting more business from our current clients? Who’s out there nurturing our centers of influence – those that will send us business?

Yes – the lack of a Solid Sales Process is often the one thing that holds back most construction businesses.   I work with several very successful construction firms and through coaching, they all realized that fine tuning their sales department would eventually bring in significant extra dollars. They were leaving money on the table.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

So what are best in class successful construction firms doing?

First, let me preface this with one of my favorite sayings: “sales is a process”. Often times it is a rote process – doing the same things over and over again. A successful sales engine requires patience, maintenance, the occasional new part or parts and a solid driver.

Here is the Top 7 List:

  1. They’ve identified a sweet spot – a niche market. Successful sales engines target that niche and nurture centers of influence within that niche to bring in new leads. You will also be seen as an expert in a specific field – always an easier thing to market & sell.
  2. They have a qualified and trained sales force – a knowledgeable product or service person does NOT a salesperson make. Sure, a longtime employee might make a great salesperson – but he/she needs to have the right hutzpah, the right training and needs strong negotiation and prospecting skills. It’s important to vet out a potential salesperson before they hit the road – setting them up for failure just isn’t a good move for anyone.
  3. They have solid management – drivers that will guide the team and move the prospects through the sales pipeline. Methodically – remember the rote process I spoke about.
  4. They have regular and PRODUCTIVE sales meetings – sales meetings are meant for the sales team not the managers. Make them useful! Bring value so the sales team leaves pumped up and ready to sell!
  5. They have a strong referral program – and the entire company understands it and participates!
  6. They have a leader at the top that believes in the process and follows it. This is important. All successful and GREAT companies have a leader at the top that sets the tone. They walk the walk and talk the talk. If you want to create a culture change or behavior changes in your team you will need to not only believe in the process but you will need to embrace it and use it.

Creating a solid sales engine isn’t easy!   Are you ready to look through the window and see a different picture? Let’s get started!

Donna Bak

Partner & Certified Trainer

Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance

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