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 You didn't go into sales to be average. You believe you can earn the highest possible compensation.

Yet you don't seem to be making an impact on your prospects....or enough of an impact to be a top producer.   And, if you continue doing what you're doing, you'll continue to get the results that you're getting.

What's gone wrong, and more importantly, what can you do about it TODAY?

Research shows that we are read every time we set foot in public, and that we make a first impression within seconds, even before we open our mouth. 


  1. Words account for 7% of the conversation...the remaining 93% is our body language and tone.
  2. Consider this.  For every 60 seconds that you talk, your prospect hears 4 seconds worth of your words and reads 56 seconds worth of your body language & tone.
  3. What does your body language and tone say about you? Does it speak highly of you --- that you're trustworthy, confident, and likeable?

Improve how you present yourself in front of a prospect or client.  Call us to schedule a free talk.



Need a Speaker?

Are you tired of the SAME OLD CHATTER? Are your meetings flat? Repetitous? Time-wasting? Agonizing?

Then bring in a speaker with style. Clients report that our training is "opposite of expectations", "challenging", and "filled with information".  You will never view Sales in the same way! 

During a presentation that will leave your sales team completely thanking you and engaged, our trainers will vividly help participants see, hear and feel the trials and tribulations of today's sales calls.

SUCCESS IS A CHOICE...and if you make that choice, we won't let you fail.

Contact us at 203-264-1197 or and we'll talk about whether you think there's a fit.

In the meantime, click the speaker icon below to listen to a sample of Ed Schultek on the radio.  Did you know that Getting a NO can be a success?.  Listen for a minute to hear why.  .



Need to make organizational changes?



There is no one solution to acquiring the sales results you would like, so each program is custom-tailored both to your business and to your sales professionals.

After a careful analysis of your company's needs, we'll make recommendations that will help your company achieve your sales goals, work with you to execute them, and take your sales team to new levels. 



We specialize in:

  • Managing sales organizations across diverse cultures
  • Sales culture change management
  • Work Process change implementation
  • Team management issue resolution and solutions
  • Improving performance with distributors and third party agents
  • Joint planning skill development for aligning key customers to YOUR goals and objectives.
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