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We hear that the average lifetime value of a patient is between $300,000 and $600,000. The medical community generally agrees that acquiring a new patient is more expensive than retaining an existing patient, therefore having a patient retention strategy in place is key to the long-term health of a practice.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a perpetual cycle of feeling pressured, stressed and bombarded from your patients, insurance companies, and your staff. But what could change in health care that would lead to different results for providers, hospitals, and medical practices?

The summer months can be some of the most challenging for a medical group in terms of patient satisfaction and new patient attraction.  

Help each member of your medical group stay focused and not lose ground during the summer months. The offices that see summer as a slow-down period lose ground in the fall months.

Hearing and listening are the same because they both use our ears, but they are also different.  Hearing is more of a science and listening is more of an art.  Getting better at showing patients that you are listening to them will create more raving fans for your medical practice.