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What did you get done yesterday? So far today? You are always busy right, but are your days productive?

In order for a company to not only survive, but thrive - they must have strong leadership at the helm.

People used to believe that leaders were leaders because of their titles. We know that is not true. A leader is one who inspires, is a visionary and one to take action.

In the years we have spent developing leadership skills in business professionals, we have run across some common misconceptions. If you are committed to leading your team to success, you will want to follow the 7 Steps in this article.

Do you know the difference between coaching and managing? It’s easy to confuse the two. 

Everyone wants to be working at their full potential, but if you’re not keeping a close eye on your sales team for possible weaknesses then you could be missing out on many opportunities.

Have you ever really thought about how much time a sales rep puts into an activity for the sole purpose of completing the activity? With each activity, does the sales person stop and consider what the goals are, whether the activity supports the goals and/or what the measurable outcome should be?

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before.

You have a sinking feeling that you will eventually lose the sale, or the client, or a high profile project unless you defuse a bomb…unless you bring up a potential problem before going any further.

We spend a lot of time coaching sales professionals and management teams on lead generation and client acquisition. Building the pipeline, getting appointments, getting past gatekeepers.  An area where companies need to direct their focus toward is managing and delivering to their current prospect and customer accounts. We use the KARE strategy.

Imagine if you walked into your office tomorrow morning and it was completely revamped, your assistant is on a permanent vacation, you have a new computer – all your old files are missing AND there isn’t a coffee machine to be found. The boss decided it was time for a change.


You can’t reach goals if everyone is allowed to decide for himself how to reach them.  It’s not uncommon for a sales manager to let the sales staff have their way.  The result of such a management practice is chaos.  Reduce the stress and chaos by getting the sales team to follow the same process.

The summer months can be some of the most challenging for a sales manager, company president or business owner.  An all-too-common mistake is abandoning process. Help each team member stay focused and not lose ground during the summer months. The teams who see summer as a slow-down period lose ground in Q3.

The summer months can be some of the most challenging for a medical group in terms of patient satisfaction and new patient attraction.  

Help each member of your medical group stay focused and not lose ground during the summer months. The offices that see summer as a slow-down period lose ground in the fall months.

June 20 is the longest day of the year. I would bet that even on that day, you would still NOT have time to finish everything you wanted or planned to accomplish. Time is truly an un-renewable resource. Once it is used up it is gone – all 86,400 seconds in the day.  Try this tip to manage the activities around time.  

Great managers understand leadership , planning, and coordination skills all need to work in perfect harmony in order to move a team forward. “A-Class Managers” are just that – a step above average. They know how to make the impossible, possible – how to move teams through difficult situations and still have positive outcomes. So what makes them tick?