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The Secret to Closing More Deals (1 of 3 part series)

Sales is a complicated game, with lots of variables, lots of customer touchpoints, and lots of fragmented scraps of data. We often hear from clients who have expert salespeople on staff closing many deals, but still not performing at the highest level because they struggle getting their arms around the big picture.

Chasing so many prospects of varying quality and hamstrung by administrative tasks, they are often disorganized and unsure of how best to focus their time.

But for the modern salesforce, there’s a secret weapon to deploy known as CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. Those are three keywords that should perk up the ears of any executive with sales responsibility.

CRM is software that allows an organization to powerfully manage and leverage its business relationships. Think of a robust customer database, smart calendar, flawless administrative assistant, and solid lead generator all rolled into one, working proactively to help your sales team identify top prospects, shorten sales cycles, and deploy resources in the most efficient way.

It’s this attractive combination that’s made CRM adoption a growing trend at top firms.

A CRM allows you to:

  • Make transactions ever more personal — People buy from people they know, like, and trust. A CRM helps track and catalog every interaction with a prospect, whether it was yesterday or last year, giving your staff access to valuable context before they make their next call or send an email.
  • Allow data to inform decisions — CRM data shows very clearly who bought what, when, and why. Used effectively, this data informs strategic decisions about where to go next. It also helps clearly see changes in buying patterns that can represent opportunity.
  • Generate better leads — A robust CRM database helps you identify leads with micro precision, putting an end to a “spray and pray” strategy of targeting every prospect for every product.

In the end, CRM is just a tool, a powerful one no doubt, but a tool nonetheless. Successful salespeople will want to embrace and embody best practices in closing deals, such as understanding a prospect’s DISC personality type and tailoring strategy accordingly. Combine a CRM in the background with Sandler sales techniques in the foreground, and you’ll have a truly powerful sales engine.

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