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I was listening to the audio we provide as part of the Sandler Sales Training program the other day and one of the coolest parts is getting to actually listen to David Sandler (the founder of our company) speak. In the audio, he was talking to a group of people and a gentleman stands up and says to him “How important is a Sales Manager after a program like this? I envision a Sales Manager’s role not being as important after a sales team gets good at Sandler.”

It’s a great question, right? I mean if you are a Sales Manager why would you possibly bring in a sales trainer? Isn’t that your job? Also by bringing in someone from the outside what does that say about you? What if you don’t even have a sales manager for your business? Well David’s explanation was brilliant.

David said, “Let me tell you a story. You hire a new sales person right? And on the first day you take them into the field and you spend all day making calls. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and we’re sitting in the car recapping the day and you say, ‘so what did you learn?’ They say, ‘I learned this and I learned that’ and you say ‘Ok next week you’ll be making your own calls.’”

A week later they come back and say – “You know what, I don’t like making these cold calls” - and you remind them that it’s all part of the job. You don’t go into the field with them anymore but you sit for two hours and talk about what you did last time. A week goes by and they come back to you and say, “I don’t want to make these calls.” You’d fire them right?

Here is where we come in. We take that monkey off of your back.

A sales professional never gets fired from our Sales Training program. I will seek to understand why they don’t want to make cold calls and give them the tools, skills, and the confidence necessary to make those calls. Every week while I coach and counsel them, I will offload that burden to allow you to concentrate on the, numbers, sales, product, etc.

You provide the guidance and goals. I will provide your team with the skills that will make them and you successful. You got a problem with a guy on cold calls you tell them to go see me. Does that help?

Hiring a Sales Trainer doesn't mean you are bad at your job as a Sales Manager or a VP of Sales or a Sales Director. Think of it this way, you can make your own dinner but if you hire a chef every night you can’t tell me that meal doesn’t come out much better and relieves you of a task.

How about a personal chef that will not only make you amazing meals but will teach you how to do it yourself every step of the way? Then as you have more and more people over the chef can do the same thing for them?

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