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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “The health care and social assistance sector is projected to grow at an annual rate of 2.6 percent, adding 50 million jobs between 2012 and 2022. This accounts for nearly one-third of the total projected increase in jobs. The growth reflects, in part, the demand for healthcare workers to address the needs of an aging population.”

How will doctors’ groups remain autonomous; survive buyouts from larger groups and/or hospitals?

The answer: Medical practices will want to make customer service, marketing and sales a top priority now if they want to be viable when the mass influx bubble happens over the next decade and beyond. They have to get savvy in their thinking – do things a bit differently.

 Physicians need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and have a clearly defined value proposition that goes beyond the offering of great health care.

 What sets a thriving medical practice apart for those who are struggling?

  1. Best in class medical practices have trained their frontline staff, physicians, lab staff, and billing staff on what patients are looking for: Short wait times, friendly and helpful staff, concierge customer service, privacy and competent handling of billing and insurance questions.
  2. Best in class medical practices understand “Ease of doing business” from the patient’s perspective
  3. Best in class medical practices have a Physician’s Liaison – an outside salesperson that nurtures referral sources does community outreach and diffuses any negative press or complaints
  4. Best in class medical practices have a strategic marketing plan
  5. Last but surely not least, best in class medical practices have a comfortable, appealing and “non-medical” waiting area/office to make the patient feel at ease

Is your practice ready for the next decade? Are you ready to start doing things a bit differently – perhaps getting a little savvy with your business plan? If so, a 10-minute conversation will tell you if Sandler Training can help you along the way. Call us at 203-264-1197 or email if you have questions about setting your medical practice up for success.  


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