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There has been a great deal of excitement over the last couple of years here at Sandler Training Connecticut and within our client base about one of our newest programs, Sandler Enterprise Selling (SES).  SES takes everything that has made the Sandler Selling System so great for so many years and enhances it for companies who sell to and serve enterprise accounts.  We have recognized that selling to enterprise accounts presents some unique challenges and selling to large corporations differs from the less complex world of selling to small and med-sized companies.  It takes time, energy, commitment, and money, but the payoff can be huge.  In the Sandler Enterprise Selling sessions, you will build an understanding of those unique challenges and how a strategic process and powerful tools can help you overcome them.  

Here is an overview of what Sandler Enterprise Selling will cover:


All organizations group their accounts, bundling them by industry, size, geographic location, etc., to help with segmentation, specialization, and territory structuring.  But what do these grouping really tell you about the actions that should be taken?  You learn to designate your accounts as Keep, Attain, Recapture or Expand.  These profiles facilitate team alignment, streamline account planning, and provide an organization lexicon hat build clarity in team selling.  KARE guides you to win and retain the right clients!


Professional sales calls deserve structured planning and follow-up.  With all of the time and effort put into gaining an audience with an enterprise prospect, it makes sense to be prepared and to craft next steps, especially considering the complexity of selling to enterprise accounts.  In this breakout, you'll learn how the SES tools provide structure to maximize the value of sales calls and support effective communication and collaboration in team selling.


Major opportunities can be game-changers for your business ... but pursuing them involves significant financial, people and organizational costs.  We want to vigorously attack the deals with the highest probability of success ... and pass on those where your chances are slim.  But which is which?  You'll learn how to make sensible and profitable Go/No-Go decisions.  


Typical customer satisfaction "surveys" present clients with criteria that have been preselected by the organization presenting the surveys.  These criteria may have no relevance at all to the actual customers, all too often leading to results that are at best completely useless ... and at worst damaging to the business relationship.  You will learn how to position the client to define success - from the client's unique perspective.  You'll also learn how a customized, client-centric focus on satisfaction dramatically increases your chances of successful delivery and account expansion.  


Enterprise accounts are deep and wide, with connections and touch points across vast ecosystems of opportunity.  They are, in essence, marketplaces in and of themselves, deserving of the focus and energy required to chart a course for account growth.  But the "hand-off" from sales to delivery, and the allure of winning business from brand new clients, often cause us to neglect great selling potential within existing accounts. Sales professionals learn a creative, practical, five-channel framework for enterprise account expansion that guides sales and delivery teams to drive accelerated growth - so you can bloom where you're planted!

Ready to learn more or get started with Sandler Enterprise Selling?  Click HERE.  You can also email us at or call 203-264-1197 to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our coaches.  


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