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Your idea is great and you’ve started a company…Now what?

Creating the perfect product or service for the right niche is the core of a great business. You also need financing, a solid business plan, a sound marketing strategy, and a process for selling it. However, once you’ve successfully launched, how do you grow, sustain, and prosper?

The secret is in your Cabinet…not the one that holds your very best china or special occasion liquor, but the one that holds your very best people.

You may have the greatest idea or product in the world but if you can’t sell it, produce it, and manage the process, you won’t get very far. That’s where your team comes in.

No matter the size of the business they are running, great leaders recognize their own weaknesses and surround themselves with people who excel in areas they don’t. At Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance, we call it having the right people in the right seats. This base becomes a foundation of strength that creates opportunity for your new businesses to soar.

Staffing to address your weaknesses is a cornerstone of successful team building, but it’s not the only element. Other key parts include:

Getting the ‘fit’ right — Whether meshing well with your own personality or those of other key team members, any new hires must be a good cultural fit for your organization. Talent and expertise may be top assets, but like a stylish and impracticable pair of shoes, an inappropriate fit will hobble you.

Making the investment — Small businesses that are just starting out are often cash strapped and scrambling. But good talent truly is hard to find. You will need to invest to recruit and more importantly retain good team members.

Mining the assets — Once you’ve got the right people on board, take advantage of their expertise and perspective! Make sure you structure your organization in a way that encourages idea generation and collaboration.

At Sandler, organizational development is a prime area of our expertise. Whether your business is seasoned or brand new, our focus is always on helping you maximize your potential.

Susan Powers

Partner & Certified Trainer

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