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Sandler Training/PEAK Sales Performance

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Founder & Managing Principal

Having built Sales Organizations across Continents and Cultures in Fortune 100 Companies, Ed began Sandler/PEAK with focus on medium and small size firms to Corporate organizations who must lift their Management and Sales competency to Win, improve their ability to lead others to change their future, and position themselves as the Trusted Advisor to their Clients above all others.  Ed is a certified Sandler instructor.

Top Tips of Winning Corporate Cultures

If you are going to get out ahead of change, start with these 3 tips:

1. Have a good hiring process
2. Set up a standard onboarding process
3. Connect company goals to personal goals

Read more about the top 13 Characteristics of a Winning Culture HERE

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How to Succeed at Winning Your Day

How to Succeed in a World with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Learn How Simple Changes In Your Sales Behaviors Can Dramatically Improve Your Performance

Take advantage of these useful tips...

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