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P2P Executive Council

Leadership | Growth | Organizational Excellence

The P2P Executive Council is a high-level, peer advisory group made up of 8 – 10 like-minded business leaders from local, non-competing industries.

Facilitated by certified, award-winning Sandler Trainers, monthly P2P Executive Council meetings are 2-hour, curriculum-driven, brainstorming sessions that focus heavily on leadership, growth and best business practices.

The semi-structured, moderated meeting format allows members to safely discuss personal and professional challenges, openly review strategies and pending initiatives, and freely debate any market conditions that could positively or negatively impact the local, regional and/or national business climate.

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Conceived as a value-added, educational/networking opportunity, the P2P Executive Council is specifically geared toward upper echelon business leaders who are...

  • Thirsting for best-practices strategies and insights from like-minded business professionals
  • Concerned about fluctuating revenues or dwindling market share
  • Frustrated by an inability to create or maintain meaningful, value-based relationships with customers and employees
  • Want to take their organizations to a whole new level of performance, profitability and operational efficiency in 2024 and beyond


Meetings will frequently incorporate components taken from Sandler Training’s award-winning Organizational Excellence, Management Solutions and Sales Mastery programs. These, and other Sandler programs, are currently being deployed at over 200 highly regarded, enterprise-level organizations around the country.

What Our Current Members Are Saying:


"The P2P Executive Council has proven to be a fantastic business and professional development resource for me. The council is a place where we are able to have open and honest discussions about issues that many businesses face. It is also a sounding board for topics that might be unique to our own organizations, mine being woman-owned. It has been enormously beneficial to have different perspectives, especially in these challenging times. I look to this group as my own personal Board of Directors. Anyone looking to take their business to the next level should strongly consider becoming a member."

Laura Marasco, CEO, West-Conn Tool

Laura Marasco-HeadShot


"Being part of the P2P Executive Council group assembled by Sandler Training PEAK Sales Performance has been gratifying and rewarding. The value gained through the exchange of ideas between a well assembled and diverse group of business leaders is enormous. This includes the development of new and strong business relationships. I recommend this program to any business leaders who are looking to continue broadening their horizons!"

Chris Douglas, President, Encon Heating & A/C


"The P2P Executive Council is by far the best peer to peer group I’ve ever participating in. As a young leader running a growing organization, the group has been extremely beneficial to my professional development. Having the opportunity to listen, learn and receive feedback from other dynamic leaders in the area has been amazing. The Sandler team does a fantastic job moderating the monthly discussion and also adds a fantastic educational component to our sessions. I would truly recommend this group to ANY leader. Young or experienced….I think everyone would find value in participation."

Sean Rabinowitz, President, Procyon Benefits



"The P2P Executive Council meetings have been very valuable to me personally on multiple fronts. First and foremost, our group is made up of business owners who are willing to share challenges, solutions, and strategic thoughts around what they are doing with their businesses and, as a result, we all learn from each other. Second, Doug Rawady and Bob Carbonella from Sandler bring a specific focus to each meeting which is designed to provoke thought and help us all to be better business owners. Finally, our team has built a camaraderie that has created trust, openness, and friendship which I value."

Jeff Wright, Broker Owner, RE/MAX Right Choice


"Personal interaction and engagement with like-minded CEOs, especially of non-competing businesses, is one of the key elements to a business leader’s growth and validation of their own thinking. The value gained by such spontaneous and sometimes emotional interaction can never be duplicated in a classroom or any media source. The P2P Executive Council provides an environment for exactly this kind of collaboration. Highly effective! Highly recommended!"

David DeMaio, President, Pat Munger Construction



"The P2P Executive Council has been an eye-opening experience for me since joining in January 2021. Between the group sessions held monthly, and the one-on-one business “therapy” sessions with Doug Rawady and Bob Carbonella, I have grown as a both a leader and person despite being in a leadership position in my business, profession, and community. Learning about what other company executives are addressing and coping with assists me with my ability to become a better, more empathic leader. I recommend this Council to anyone, regardless of experience, who wants to further their development as a professional or community trailblazer."

Michael Ayles, President, Antinozzi Associates

"I am a founding member of the P2P Executive Council, and like the other business leaders in this group, I highly value my time. I think they would all agree that involvement in this initiative is time very well spent!

The topics and conversations are timely and stimulating, and the group’s members provide a sounding board of diverse opinions that open your eyes to new possibilities for one’s own organization. We share many similar concerns on how to run our businesses, and it is refreshing to hear new ideas on how to handle challenges – especially during an unprecedented pandemic.

Sandler trainers Bob Carbonella and Doug Rawady provide just the right amount of guidance to keep the ideas flowing and assure a high level of energy during these two-hour sessions. They provide stimulating developmental materials but also have a keen sense of when to let members take control of any given conversation.

I’m certain that every member of this group has benefitted by participating. We all have obtained a little more knowledge and a competitive edge by being a member of this council, and I hope that more local business leaders will join in."

Doug Wade, President, Wade's Dairy


“Being involved in the P2P Executive Council has broadened my field of vision which has given me and my company a critical advantage given the current market challenges we all face. Having this collection of leaders as a resource and being able to share thoughts and concerns in a safe space has been invaluable and has made me a better me and a stronger asset to my company.”

Tom Quinn, Executive Vice President/COO,
Nuovo Pasta Productions, Ltd.