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Online Sales Solutions

Our Sandler online sales solutions gives you easy access to gain new insights, skills, and growth strategies. Review courses below and contact us for more information or pricing on each course.


No-Pressure Prospecting Online Course

Learn a stress-free strategy for new business development from Sandler Training, including the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that you can immediately implement in your next outbound sales call.

In No-Pressure Prospecting, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the right type of prospecting and the right type of prospect
  • Engage with gatekeepers and talk to more decision-maker
  • Structure an effective, efficient prospecting call that sets more appointments
  • Leave a voicemail message that gets returned

No Guts, No Gain Online Course

This program will show you how to get tough, take control of your life, plant your feet, close more sales, and make more money.

It is designed as an interactive exercise using David Sandler’s original audio presentation in combination with new videos, a workbook, tools, and online quizzes and forums. You will find it beneficial to listen to the material a number of times in different formats to fully absorb the information and adjust your thoughts and beliefs.

This is Sandler’s anti-wimp program. No Guts, No Gain defines the attitudes needed for success.

It helps you uncover your personal obstacles for that success—tackling comfort zones, risks, fear of failure, and procrastination—and the action you need to take to overcome them and achieve the success you want and deserve.


Negotiating Mastery Online Course

The goal of negotiating is to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties and moves the relationship forward. Each side feels that the other was fair. Fairness, or at least the perception of fairness, is critical. In order to achieve this, each side needs to uncover a better understanding of what the other really wants. The best test of a true win/win outcome is whether or not each party would want to enter into additional negotiations with the other in the future. A Sandler-trained salesperson knows how to get a good deal and leaves the other side thinking they negotiated a good deal too.

This course includes:

  • How to negotiate effectively
  • Understanding and dealing with the professional negotiator
  • Identifying sources of negotiating leverage
  • How personality, style, and persuasion effect outcomes
  • The most common negotiating mistakes
  • The top 12 gambits buyers use and the countermeasures
  • Breaking through apparent impasses
  • Making concessions
  • Preparing for your next negotiation

Social Selling Success Online Course

Learn how to drive revenue by adding more people, information, and opportunities to your sales pipeline, including the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of social selling that you can immediately implement in your next appointment.

In Social Selling Success, you will learn how to:

  • Build a client-attracting profile
  • Identify ideal clients and start sales conversations
  • Leverage social media information throughout the sales process
  • Build relationships and social capital you can use to fill your pipeline

Building a Bulletproof Business Online Course'

Based on new book, The Road to Excellence, by David Mattson

David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training, offers 13 top blindspots and how to correct the most dangerous leadership oversights to take your company into the top tier.

The “Blind-Spots Syndrome” undermines or destroys too many businesses. Most leaders are passionate about their business, and if they had better ideas for how to grow their company, they would use them. They really do want to move their company into the top rank, but they have learned first-hand that just wanting that is not enough. They work very, very hard, but after a while, they realize that, no matter how hard they work, something important seems to be missing, and they’re not quite sure what that something is. They’ve fallen prey to the “Blind Spots Syndrome” – they don’t know what they don’t know about the obstacles they face.

Do you have these blind spots? And if so, how are you going to attack them to obliterate them? Dave will help you make sure that you are a well-oiled machine so you can continue to compete in today's marketplace.


Sandler Classics: Two-Day Private Bootcamp Audio Collection

This Sandler Classic captures 10 hours of non-stop David Sandler himself in the prime of his life, leading a two-day private session for 35 very lucky sales engineers in the best sales workshop of a lifetime!


Sandler Classics: One-Day Public Bootcamp Audio Collection

This Sandler Classic captures David Sandler himself, as he works with a group of 120 sales professionals in an all-day workshop. The group has both President’s Club members and people brand new to Sandler’s methodology. Recorded in Philadelphia, PA in 1991, this set contains over 5 hours of digitally re-mastered and enhanced audio with great sound quality.


Transactional Analysis in Everyday Selling Audio Collection

David Sandler, David Mattson, and 20 other Sandler trainers cover Transactional Analysis (TA) from every angle: sales calls, telephone prospecting, networking, managing people, etc. A comprehensive program, over 12 hours, where TA theory meets Sandler Sales and Management Reality.


Sandler Selling System (For Managers' Ears Only) Audio Collection

An Mp3 designed specifically for sales managers. Walk through the Sandler Selling System® methodology from the vantage point of the sales manager as David Sandler identifies attitudes, behaviors, and techniques, plus additional coaching and reinforcement tips.


Best of Sandler Audio Collection

Best of Sandler is an Mp3 with over 10+ hours of David Sandler live! Find out how he would approach challenging sales situations using this great application and reinforcement tool.


Magical People Skills Audio Collection

Rediscover the full body of knowledge one has in using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Sandler Selling System with the newly re-released classic, Magical People Skills.