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As one 90-day period ends, the next begins, how many of you are celebrating your successes for the first quarter? Reflect back to the goals you set at the first of the year. Did you achieve or exceed them? If you fell off track, it’s okay. There is still time to hit the reset button.

Let’s take a minute to “check-in” with those goals and benchmark where you are at now and if those goals are still realistic. Dave Mattson, the CEO of Sandler training suggests that setting quarterly goals drive the strategy to achieve your Big Picture goals. The Big Picture Goal can and should stay the same throughout the year, but 90-day goals are far more manageable and can be adjusted if necessary depending on internal or external factors.

Here are some ideas for self-reflection:

• Did I really get done what I should have gotten done this quarter?

• I was busy, but was I productive?

DIY COACHING TIP: Since sales teams have an easier time staying focused for 90 days at a time, try this exercise with your team:

1. Celebrate any successes that occurred in the 90 period.

2. Think of 3 Professional and 1 Personal ‘Initiatives’ that if you did those things, other things would be easier. Examples: Build a territory management plan for my territory, Identify and initiate contact with the top 10 accounts in my territory, Improve my time management skills. Try to make these PRO-active initiatives that will help you be better in your job.

3. Then think about the sub-steps needed to accomplish those goals. What needs to happen and who needs to own the step or initiative. How will the result/success be measured? Don’t worry about the order yet. Just jot down the steps

4. Write down the order that you’d do them in and put a week number beside them.

5. Write down, in affirmation form, one belief you need to improve.

6. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat in 90 days.

Evaluating your 90-day goals each quarter will help you stay focused on the Big Picture Strategic Objective and will help your team determine what the most important initiatives are for your organization to undertake so that you will have your best year ever.

Not sure where to start or how to implement these practices, contact a Sandler Coach for a complimentary 20-minute strategy session.


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