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PEAK Sales 203-264-1197 | Trumbull and Farmington, CT

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PEAK Sales Performance, LLC

Peak Sales Performance, LLC

Senior Partner

Donna began her career at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) working in IT, first at the Research Center and then at Corporate Headquarters.

Donna joined Sandler/PEAK Sales Performance in 2007, as Partner, to build the brand and lead sales and marketing efforts in Connecticut. Donna trains individuals and companies to improve their sales, management and customer service competency with a visible return on their investment.


Let’s start with a phone conversation.  I find that five to ten minutes on the phone is usually enough for you to decide if you want to keep talking or not.

Why aren’t we working together? 

Patient Care the Sandler Way

Running a modern medical practice is difficult enough – with its ever-present problems of government regulations, changing reimbursement policies, and having to keep up with the latest medical techniques – without having to worry about keeping patients happy. Yet too many practices ignore the fundamental truth that unless patients feel they are appreciated, they will take their business elsewhere.
When healthcare professionals feel pressured, stressed, and burned out, day after day, these feelings will have a ripple effect on everyone with whom they come in contact. “If nothing changes in the patient experience from how it is today, both staff and patients will be in a perpetual loop of feeling anxious, frustrated, and angry about their perceived experiences, which will affect the bottom line of the practice,” says Sandler trainer Donna Bak, in her new book PATIENT CARE THE SANDLER WAY: Running A Great Medical Practice That Has Patients Cheering And Staff Engaged.

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Donna engages attendees at a Sandler Conference