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3 Things Millennials are looking for in the Workplace

Millennials, those individuals born between 1980 and 2000, are a unique and important part of the workforce, but it’s easy for earlier generations to clash with later generations without each understanding a little bit about the other. As Millennials enter the workforce, it becomes our job to understand them as a whole in order to create a more cohesive team of professionals and to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Not all Millennials are identical, but there are some overarching similarities that affect this group and make them unique based on the niche of American society they grew up in. These characteristics are important for understanding the kind of environment Millennials work best in and, therefore, will help you prevent difficulties in communication before they even occur.

From my experience, here are the top 3 “Wants” Millennials are looking for in the work place:

  1. Feedback - Millennials are used to instant gratification, think of all the social media they use! This generation, in particular, is very aware of the value of feedback and they appreciate more constructive criticism and guidance. This only seems natural when you consider the amount of technology Millennials have interacted with for their entire lives and the automatic feedback that they’re able to receive with ease.
  2. Innovation - technology has also prepared Millennials to anticipate and embrace change with great ease and eagerness. This type of thinking and working method provides an excellent foundation for new ideas and creative problem solving. If you give them a chance to come up with creative solutions, they are sure to provide in turn. Give them opportunities to feel as if their ideas are being use and appreciated.
  3. Collaboration - teamwork is an essential part of life for this generation, more so than any other group. Diversity has become second nature now that people have the ability to mingle and share experiences with one another from across the world. Working together is one of their strengths and although on a personal basis that might not always be what they prefer, feeling like a community within the workplace will create a more positive experience.

Using these three methods to show your Millennials more understanding towards their needs will benefit your company ten-fold in the long run and will increase employee retention.

We understand that working with Millennials may be a bit challenging if your company culture is more traditional. No worries – we can help you through the process.

Perhaps you are a generational company trying to co-mingle age groups and the synergy just isn’t there yet.

Why not meet with the Sandler Peak Sales Performance team! We can help you energize this dynamic generation and get your company moving in the right direction!

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