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Docs: Is your Practice Culture Working?

True leadership comes from the top down, but it is often the management team that will lead the troops into battle every day. Those teams enforce the culture that the managing partners put forth.

Medical groups have traditionally focused solely on patient care, where the primary goal was meeting the patients’ medical needs. This model has worked well for generations – but things have changed. Medical reform, rising expenses and reduced reimbursements, pay for performance, and competition have changed the playing field. Smaller practices are being absorbed by larger ones or local hospitals. Simply staying autonomous has become a challenge!

Patient care is still vitally important, but keeping best in class staff and insuring the patient experience is top notch are equally important. You will need all three to thrive not just survive. To achieve success, you must have a vibrant practice culture – your management team will be the one to deliver your message.

Let’s take a look…

Does your management team:

Have a positive attitude about the changing conditions? Is it infectious or secret? (Infectious is a good thing here!)

Foster a team atmosphere? Does everyone play nicely in the proverbial sandbox?

Hold regular staff meetings?

Meet on a regular basis with the managing physicians/partners?

The answers, of course, should be yes. Easier said than done – we get that!

If your practice is struggling with a culture change, or your front line people are not delivering the message that the managing partners have put forth as the gospel then Sandler might be a fit.

Sandler’s holistic approach helps medical groups adjust to the changing times through management & sales employee development, customer service training, and overall corporate culture change assistance. It’s not a two hour seminar – it’s long term work for long term results. We like to say it’s serious training for serious people.

Curious to hear more? Let’s have a conversation – don’t wait until the buyout offers start coming in. If you want to remain autonomous, the time to act is now.

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