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Eight tips to becoming the Maestro of your Team.

Are you managing a team that just isn’t moving in the direction you want them to? Do you find yourself dreading the next staff meeting…or even Monday mornings?

I get it, been there, done that…and learned a few things along the way. Let me share with you eight things that I have tried to remember in my quest to be the kind of manager I aspire's helped me, so maybe it will help you.

Grab a cup of joe, tea, or beverage of your choice and let’s delve in. Here they are – my secret eight ingredient sauce:

  1. Treat your time as if it is made of platinum, gold or anything precious. AKA don’t waste your time when you should be delegating tasks to your team. You are the maestro – so orchestrate!
  2. Don’t avoid conflict – face it, resolve it, make sure it won’t or can’t happen again and move one. Nothing less, nothing more. Don’t let things fester.
  3. Be open to new ideas – business as usual just won’t fly if you want to move your team to the next level.
  4. Listen to your team. Don’t listen to them whine – listen to their ideas, listen for disruptions in the food chain – what’s happening with them? If you don’t know, you can’t help.
  5. Provide feedback to your team that means something and do it immediately. Annual reviews are great and important, but give feedback as things occur – good or bad.
  6. Don’t micromanage – especially if you have a bunch of millennials working for you. Encourage thinking and autonomy. You want self-starters that aren’t afraid of taking some risk.
  7. Make sure you always have your team's back. Make it ok for them to fail. This takes trust – both ways. Earn your team’s trust and they will trust you back – oh and probably walk over coals for you. This is a biggie.
  8. Last but surely not least – walk the walk, talk the talk. Just like parenting – employees will follow your lead. Roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Your actions will speak volumes and be a lot more powerful than your 100-page procedure manual. Trust me on this one.

I’m speaking from experience on these tips. I also try to live them daily. Note I say “try”.  It is progress not perfection, admitting that you aren’t perfect and trying to be the best you can be that makes a great manager and ultimately a great leader.

Need help being the Maestro? Give me a call – we can get your orchestra fine-tuned in no time.

Ed Schultek

Founder & Managing Partner

Sandler Training/PEAK Sales Performance

Learn more about Ed at

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