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Raise your hand if you are an expert in your field. I would imagine that most of you are.

Now let me ask you this. Is your expertise getting you to where you want to go in your career advancement? If the answer is no, then you will want to watch the microlesson. It’s only 12 ½ minutes but you will discover my secret sauce for advancing further and faster, especially for people who don’t like to sell.

Secret Sauce For Advancing Your Career 

Here is a breakdown of what you will get out of the lesson:

• Are you a Subject Matter Expert or a Trusted Advisor? (1:48)

• Build trust with your communications (2:23)

• Make it about them, and make them feel “okay” (7:03)

• Make them want to work with you (9:03)

• Be in the top 25% of trusted advisors (10:59)

Here is your top takaway:

You can't sell anybody anything. They must first discover they want it. Whether that's selling a product, a service, an idea, a solution, or a practice.

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