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Sandler Rule # 1 states:  "You have to learn to fail, to win."

Many great inventors of our time failed, and failed often.

Did you know that Henry Ford was fired from his first job, and his first two companies failed? (read more fun facts about Henry Ford here).

Another famous "failure" is Thomas Edison.  Did you know that it took him over 1000 attempts at inventing the light bulb before he succeeded?

There is power in failure, if you can take a step back and learn from it.  Thomas Edison saw a step forward in each of his 1000 "failures".   To Edison, failure was a learning process.  

Everyone has a bad month, a bad day, or a bad moment. True success will happen when you look at those hard times not as mountains blocking you from succeeding but as bumps on your road to winning. 

Accepting failure as a part of learning will lead to greater innovation....history proves it.

Take a look at your company, at your team - are you stagnant without failures, or are you growing with some bumps along the way? 

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Sandler's Rule #1.

Donna Bak

Partner & Certified Trainer

Sandler Training / Peak Sales Performance

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