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Drama in the workplace…with family!

Family owned businesses have unique challenges …family! When family drama and/or conflict enters the workplace it’s not a simple HR write up or sit down with the boss. It’s…complicated.

What happens when the children of the founder are set to take over the leadership roles? How does that transition happen without conflict? Surely a 30 year old in today’s culture has a much different view on how things should be done than Grandpa Joe, who emigrated from Italy in the 1920’s as a child, does.

Drama and conflict happens in any company, in any committee, in any type of relationship for that matter. The key is how it is handled and resolved.


  1. Understand the “players” – What type of person are they? How do they react to change? How to they handle conflict? Every person is unique and needs to be handled differently. Applying the science of DISC & Devine Assessments is an excellent way of understanding your team.
  2. Have processes and procedures in place to eliminate the gray areas
  3. Best in class companies invest in employee development – from the front line workers to the top line execs
  4. Ensure your employee’s goals align with the company’s goals and strategies.
  5. Effective communication is a huge part of any successful business – from internal communication, to outbound customer service and sales. Most people weren’t born effective communicators – they are taught.

If you are part of a family owned business and are struggling with internal family strife, lackluster sales, or perpetuation challenges perhaps it’s time to step back, assess and regroup.

Success is a choice – maybe it’s time to make a change.

The Foundation for our Client Relationships is our dedication to three simple promises :

  • We will change your attitude and behavior towards selling and managing those who do…your ROI will be there
  • We will always be candid with you…our word is our bond…it's about you getting better
  • We deliver high quality work…we are as careful with your time and money as if it was our own

Ed Schultek

Founder and Managing Partner

Sandler - Peak Sales Performance

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